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At Era we believe that physical and mental activity is vital in improving and maintaining the quality of life of our residents. Keeping active also provides many measurable health benefits. We customize our activities program to our current resident population. While providing entertaining and stimulating activities, we are also providing a means for our residents to maintain or even improve their physical, social and cognitive skills.

Resident Groups & Games

We host special resident groups to help your loved one enjoy their hobbies and meet other residents with similar interests who enjoy the same things they do. Resident groups include: Crib Club, Chess Club, Caring Hearts Knitting, Bingo, Resident Council, and many more!

Music & Entertainment

Who doesn’t love to tap their feet or listen to a familiar tune? At Era, we invite many musical guests to join us and speak universal language of music. Whether your loved one enjoys the classical styling of the piano, soul music, the happy melody of an Accordion, or Rock n’ Roll to the 50’s tunes, our entertainers provide something for everyone!

Reminiscing & Cognitive Activities

Recalling specific memories is a very crucial element in cognitive advancement for you or your loved one. Our activities program ensures that our residents are given ample stimulation to remember the good old days, and share their life stories with us. Current event discussions allow us to better understand each individual’s point of view, and word games allow the residents to draw upon knowledge obtained throughout their life.

Art & Sensory Activities

We like to discover everyone’s creative side with our art and sensory activities. Our residents are able to express themselves through their creativity and use their senses to trigger specific memories. Whatever the outcome, it’s always enjoyable to learn more about one another.

Outdoor Activities

Everyone loves the great outdoors, and our residents are no exception. Each month we pack our calendar full of events to take advantage of the beauty of the season. Whether it be snacks on the patio, gardening or nature walks, we invite everyone to join us for a breath of fresh air.


It is important to the gateway that our residents stay connected to their community. Era schedules outings to places such as Community Centre Luncheons with Entertainment, Casinos, Theatre plays, Restaurants, Shopping centers, Movie theaters, and many other points of interest around town.


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